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[ID: Artwork of Luigi from Super Mario. A green hatted overall wearing mustached plumber. He's smiling and has his hand raised. End ID.]

Quick Luigi drawing.

Cubone Colour Palette Challenge

My boy

My boy. I’m... I’m killing my boy.

Lisa, I’m killing our boy. We painted this room. We made those toys. It’s our boy, Lisa. Your greatest gift to me. And I’m killing him.

I must already be dead.

Hey guess what I just re-watched for the XXth time?
Hey guess who got her heart shattered into pieces once again?

goropancakechi -

How dare anyone assume I'll ever reach my peak of dumbass

How dare.

mcatnip -

how to stop feeling like someone's angry at me when they are angry at someone else

This is my second favourite drawing I have ever made

I flex with this one everywhere because this is the only landscape drawing that has ever looked good comming from me :,,,,,,,D

bogwitcharts -

cant create, head empty

Ways To Help

Ways To Help

Here's the carrd link for BLM resources, information on it, and how to help.

Rainbow Fountain Faerie

Yay, I was happy drawing her again, since the first time was a colored sketch I did for #MerMay back in 2017! 🌈⛲️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️

I just love how the water faeries are mermaids in Neopets...

(Also, I hope everyone's doing okay with the current happenings going on!)

Looking to follow more people on here, so if you post about/reblog any of these;

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tmakisamajiki: “I am Adrien Tepes. Known to the Wallachians as Alucard, son of Vlad Dracula Tepes.”

For no reason, my current hyperfixations;

  • Kirby

  • John Wick

  • Bill & Ted

  • Back to the Future

  • Castlevania

  • Cyberpunk 2077

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my monstersona~

as you can see, i fucking LOVE shiny washi tape

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(close ups under the cut)



don't ask questions that you don't want answered

Pumpkin Witch Karina

Another one from 2016, my character Karina for Halloween~

silver -

i wanted so badly for there to be an alolan rapidash! nintendo dashed my dreams, but nobody can stop me from making my own! it's a psychic/fairy type :D

Here is Keanu Reeves looking cute in hair clips for your dashboard. U're welcome.